Our arsenal.

We create space for tenants to thrive. Our tools
are highly scalable, built to handle everything
from incubator spaces to digitally native brands
to national and international chains

1. TC Advisory

Strategic planning partners—a vital
seat at the table from day one through
project completion.

Strategizing Design

From strategic core & shell future-proofing techniques to constructability reviews to top-notch tenant design, Rothschild Downes provides added value that bolsters client assets and produces award-winning projects. With special insight into “how a tenant thinks,” we help craft the places that tenants want to be while ensuring lasting value to owners, developers and operators.

Process Matters

Through comprehensive process reviews, SWOT-based strategic analysis and suggestions for enhancements, we enable project teams to make informed decisions. We listen closely and are thoughtful in our approach, integrating industry best practices into each project and staying ahead of the process by defining it from the start.

Matter-of-Fact, Methodical Progress

We help define and then track a path to success for both landlord and tenant deliverables. Whether it’s core & shell preparedness for handover to tenant, lease agreements, timely tenant design review, or meeting—even beating—required construction milestones, RD defines, tracks and reports on all “mission critical” steps to get even the most complex leasing programs to opening.

Best Practices

We’re leaders in defining and maintaining the highest industry standards of operation for the tenant coordination process, ensuring accountable action throughout the life of a project.

Curiosity & Plan A–Z

While we draw daily from our decades of experience, we remain acutely interested in what else we can learn to prepare for the unknown. We continually ask “what if?” throughout the life of a project and develop back-up plans for alternate courses of action if ever needed.

2. Tenant Coordination

Successful delivery of your most
important asset—your tenants.

On-Site & Off-Site Services

We offer specialized owner’s representation for development and ongoing operational project teams. Our services include:

  • Conducting on-site monitoring and reporting for tenant build-outs
  • Coordinating with base building construction
  • Securing approvals from local government agencies
  • Overseeing permits, utilities, inspections and punchlists


Developed in-house by Rothschild Downes, TCTrac® is the industry’s leading tenant coordination tracking software. Cloud-based and mobile accessible, it provides up-to-the-minute reporting of all tenant activity to help developers execute at the highest levels. Contact us to request a demo.

Tenant Program

Our time-tested systematized approach delivers tenants on-time and on-budget. We combine decades of industry know-how with the technology to keep track of progress and a willingness to occasionally throw convention out the window.


All of our on-site personnel have a minimum of 10 hours OSHA training and are dedicated to creating and maintaining a safe site environment.

3. Project Management

Managing cost-effective and timely
tenant-driven build-outs.

Vanilla Shell Landlord Work Improvements

Implementing lease-negotiated custom improvements to tenant spaces.

Façade / Core & Shell Modifications

Coordinating the adaptation of existing shell building, spaces and MEP systems to meet tenant-driven design needs.

Architecture & Engineering Management

Bidding, permitting, value engineering, construction oversight, coordination and communication with tenants—all with a constant eye on budget, schedule and quality of construction.

4. TCTrac®

Your centralized lease-to-field
database for all TC activity.

Cloud-Based, Mobile-Accessible

Developed in-house by Rothschild Downes, TCTrac® is the industry’s leading tenant coordination and project management tracking software. In a single robust system, we give you the tools to oversee all design, construction, budget and admin activity—all 12,000 points of data it takes to drive a tenant from lease to open for business. DealTracker, ReportTracker and CostTracker combine to provide everything from big-picture stats to tenant-specific activity and accounting that drill down to the smallest detail. Contact us to request a demo.

Key Features

  • Executive, design & construction and cost reports
  • Custom report filtering with ReportTracker
  • User dashboard featuring recent activity feed and selected projects
  • File integration and document uploads

5. Architecture & CAD Services

Providing tools for leasing and development
that require responsive solutions.

Tenant Platform Solutions

Our leasing and development tools provide highly flexible, thoughtful programs for both tenanting and re-tenanting, utilizing the latest BIM, Revit and AutoCAD software.

Services Offered

  • Lease plans
  • Merchandising plans
  • Lease outline drawings
  • Lease exhibits
  • Space reconfigurations
  • Vanilla shell design and permit (A&E) documents
  • Core & shell design and permit (A&E) documents

6. TC Design

Obtaining the highest quality in retail design.

Design Manuals

Succinct and illustrative design criteria manuals effectively communicate and secure landlord expectations for tenant build-outs. Our programs are tailored to reflect the project character while achieving landlord objectives.

Tenant Design Reviews

We provide the highest quality in tenant design and build-outs, meeting the goals of the overall project without compromising a merchant’s retail objectives.

Comprehensive Signage Plans

Our signage and graphic programs offer creative, project-specific solutions to enhance a development’s overall concept.

3-D Visualization / Renderings & Architecture

We bolster leasing efforts through the creation of hypothetical design studies for prospective tenants. Formats range from sketch renderings and digital applications all the way up to full architectural services and specialty tenant design.

7. Tenant Turnkey

Proven cost- and time-based solutions
to getting tenants open with maximum impact.

Design & Drawings

We provide architectural construction documents and engineering drawings tailored to meet lease agreements for the implementation of Landlord Work.

Permit Issuance

We facilitate submittals to all jurisdictional authorities on behalf of the owner/developer, from plan check through to issuance of a permit.

Project Management

We offer complete project management representing the owner/developer. Our services include budget estimates, competitive bidding, awarding contracts and on-site supervision to drive on-time deliveries.

8. RD Stys

A full-service design and construction management firm
for the retail, restaurant and hospitality industries.

Principal Involvement

Your project is spearheaded by 4 working principals with 100 years of combined cradle-to-grave experience.

Single Team

With RD Stys, you won’t get the “other office” handling your project.

Industry Know-How

We’ve specialized in shopping center retail development, hospitality and restaurant projects for the past 25 years.

Schematic Budgeting

Due to the breadth of our project experience, we have first-hand knowledge of both historical and up-to-the-minute cost data across the nation’s largest markets.

Professionally Trained Staff

Our team comprises licensed architects, engineers and licensed builders.

Services Provided

Our services are offered à la carte to meet the unique needs of each project.

  • Pre-construction
  • Space planning
  • Estimating
  • Design development
  • Architectural
  • Engineering
  • Bidding
  • Permitting
  • Procurement
  • Project management
  • Close-out
  • Maintenance
  • Web-based real-time reporting

9. RD Builds

A General Contracting firm with building solutions for retail tenant improvement projects and subcontractor direct services. Construction partners building the future.

Local Commitment National Strength

Using the latest technology on estimating and budgets. Extremely knowledgeable of both historical and up to the minute cost data across the nation’s largest markets.


Valuing speed and efficiency, we’ve specialized in retail construction. We’re innovative and authentic in everything we do. Pride in performance and quality of work. Providing white glove client services.


Our company culture and foundation is based on integrity and mutual respect with our clients. Uncompromised stride towards professionalism, quality, and safety.


Safety of our employees, subcontractors, & clients are top priority on our projects. Routine safety training for operations employees.


Relentless work ethic towards quality relationships and dependability. Protect the budget & schedule by building in a timely & efficient manner. Maintain strong commitments to our client’s needs. Creating value for the client at the subcontractor level.

Services Provided

Our specialized services include shell modification, tenant improvement and above standard landlord work to meet the unique needs of each project.

  • Pre-construction/ Lean Construction
  • Estimating
  • Design build
  • Bidding
  • Permitting
  • Procurement
  • Project management
  • Closeout